Showcase Your Deck-Building Expertise: Capturing and Sharing Your Best Work

As a deck builder, your expertise and craftsmanship speak volumes about your business. One of the most effective ways to showcase your talent is by capturing and sharing high-quality photos of your projects. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of taking photos of your work and how they can benefit your business. Plus, we’ll share essential tips for taking and sharing the perfect images of your projects.

Why Taking Photos and Sharing Them Online Matters

There are several reasons why taking pictures and uploading them to your website is crucial for your deck-building business:

  1. Showcase Your Work: Photo galleries are often the most visited pages on your website. High-quality images of your projects demonstrate your craftsmanship and design skills to potential clients.
  2. Build Trust: When potential clients see your beautiful work, they’re more likely to trust you and choose you for their deck-building project.
  3. Improve SEO: Google loves it when people engage with your website. Attractive photos help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making it easier for potential clients to find you online.

Tips for Taking the Perfect Photos

Now that we know why photos are essential let’s go over some tips to ensure you’re capturing the best images of your projects.

1. Scheduling and Prepping

Schedule an appointment with the homeowner so they’re expecting you. Take extra time to blow off the deck or porch, and use a towel to wipe down any water. It’s frustrating to see photos with leaves and debris, so take a few moments to prep the project.

2. Photo Composition

Use a combination of wide-angle photos to make the project look larger than life and close-up photos to show detail. Avoid anything in the middle. This way, you’ll showcase the entire project and the finer aspects of your work.

3. Editing and Prepping Photos

Edit your photos to make them pop. Use tools like Canva to prepare them for your website and social media. A little editing can go a long way in making your projects look even more impressive.

4. Adding Descriptions and SEO

If your website allows it, add descriptions to your photos. This helps with keywords for SEO on your website, making it even easier for potential clients to find you.


Great photos of your work on your website build confidence with customers. Remember, they’re about to invest a significant amount of money into their project, so they want to know you’re the right decking contractor for the job. By showcasing your expertise through stunning photos, you’ll not only attract more clients but also set yourself apart from the competition.

Start capturing and sharing your best work today to elevate your deck-building business and reach new heights of success.

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