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Are you a deck builder looking to increase leads and conversions from your website? Look no further! Introducing the Build More Decks Clarity Check, inspired by the principles of SEO, the Grunt Test from Donald Miller, Steve Krug, and developed with the help of ChatGPT, a powerful AI language model. This simple yet effective method ensures your website communicates your services and value proposition clearly and efficiently to potential customers.

The Build More Decks Clarity Check focuses on three key elements for your website’s hero section:

  1. What you’re selling (and where you provide the service)
  2. How does it make the customer’s life better
  3. Does it include Call to Action (CTA)

Let’s dive into each element:

  1. What you’re selling (and where you provide the service) Clearly present the deck building services you offer, and specify the locations where they are available. This helps customers understand what they can expect from your business and whether your services are relevant to their needs.

Example: Atlanta’s Premier Deck Builder

  1. How it makes the customer’s life better Highlight the benefits and value your deck building services bring to your customers. Focus on how your offerings solve problems, address needs, or improve the customer’s outdoor living space.

Example: Transform your outdoor space with our custom deck designs, expert installation, and quality materials.

  1. Call to Action (CTA) Guide customers toward the next step, whether it’s requesting a quote, booking a consultation, or exploring your portfolio. Make it easy for customers to take the desired action with visible and easy-to-find buttons or links.

Example: Request Your Free Consultation

By implementing the Build More Decks Clarity Check on your website, you’ll create a straightforward, engaging, and easy-to-navigate user experience. This not only helps potential customers understand your value proposition quickly but also increases the chances of converting website visitors into paying customers.

Remember, the goal is to make your website work for you, so invest time in refining your messaging and adhering to the Build More Decks Clarity Check. With clear communication and a strong CTA, you’ll be on your way to building more decks and growing your business in no time!

Example ChatGPT Prompt for the Clarity Check

Just replace Atlanta, Georgia with your primary service area.

Using the Build More Decks Clarity Check, which ensures your website Hero section conveys the following:

1 - What you're selling (and where you provide the service)
2 - How does it make the customers life better
3 - Call To Action

Write a header, subheader, and call to action for a deck builder in Atlanta Georgia.  Incorporate common SEO keywords for deck builders along with the city and state.  Include a sample value stack of short phrases that are focused on what the customer thinks, or feels after a completed project from our company.

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